Sarita Lopez

President of Napa Valley Writers

“Thank you so much… You were fantastic to work with.”

Stuart Clarke

I asked Michael to edit my novel Smacko. He did a great job.  Apart from doing the usual editorial things involving correction of spelling, grammar etc, Mike has an unerring eye for spotting redundancies and trimming away unhelpful material which can clog the structure of the narrative. He’s also full of helpful, practical suggestions. Would definitely recommend.

Eli Wilde

Author of Neophyte and other works

"As a writer, it's important to be surrounded by friends and professionals who can look at story development with an eye for weak points and how to improve the writing.  Mike is exactly that kind of editor. He is super-fast at turning things around, and his observations are both insightful and helpful. He has really got me thinking about different areas I can develop and improve in one of my current projects that will add a lot of depth to the narrative. Highly recommended."

Simona Calo

Screenwriter and filmmaker

“Michael is really a master of screenplays. His analysis is so accurate; scene by scene, character by character, he doesn’t miss a thing. He gave me lots of useful suggestions and his services are really top-notch! I never send a script to a producer or start shooting it without getting Michael’s green light, he’s really someone I trust."