Books on Screenwriting

For your Screenplay Appraisal you receive a detailed 2000 word report breaking down your work into various categories. In my assessment I identify those elements which are successful, e.g. in terms of story structure, action, characterisation, pace and dialogue. Where the screenplay is not fulfilling its potential I offer constructive advice on how to improve it.

The fee for Screenplay Appraisal (also known as ‘coverage’) is £100 for 100 pages. Shorter or longer screenplays incur a pro rata fee. If your screenplay needs to be edited the fee is based around my hourly rate and takes into account the length of the work and the nature of the editing that is required. Typically, the fee for a 100 page screenplay is £150.

If you would like to see how I can enhance your screenplay, send me the first three pages and I will provide you with a completely free no-obligation edit.

"Michael is really a master of screenplays. His analysis is so accurate; scene by scene, character by character, he doesn't miss a thing. He gave me lots of useful suggestions and his services are really top-notch! I never send a script to a producer or start shooting it without getting Michael's green light, he's really someone I trust."

Simona Calo